Sunday, January 16, 2011

Guess What I Did?

Yes, you are right, I joined yet another contest. :)

Today my friend and I went to a knitting circle at a yarn store that we've been to a couple of times before. A bunch of the ladies there were part of a sock KAL (knit a long) based on a new book of Cookie A. sock patterns.

I've completely run out of hand knit socks (which like all other socks somehow go missing and also develop holes). I've been saying I need some new socks.

But do I need to dedicate 19 months to 19 new sock patterns? Well, I don't need to, but seeing everyone else doing it made me want to join in anyway.

Socks are a small project, at least, so I can do them at the same time as my other contest stuff.

Of course, I haven't been working on the last two projects for the WIPs finish contest. I have a trip to India coming up and I hope to finish them on the flight, and maybe some other projects too. I am always getting myself in over my head!

I haven't even been feeling the knitting bug lately. I've been busy working on my writing career. But I know the knitting always comes back and sometimes contests are what it needs to get sparked.

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