Saturday, October 2, 2010

UFO gathering

I had a blog for knitting several years ago, but I let it lapse. I'm starting another one. I don't know how often I'll update. Sometimes I'm really into knitting and then I go several months without wanting to do it at all.

I thought to start with that I would round up all my unfinished projects and take stock of where I am. If you are on Ravelry, you can friend me, I am CraftyCarolyn.

So, here it goes:

Le Lapin Noir by CanarySanctuary
I love argyle. I almost finished this shirt before I realized that it was too small across the chest and stranded knitting doesn't have any stretch. So I ripped back and I'm almost back to where I was.

Owls by Kate Davies
Yet another one where I finished it (this time the entire thing) only to find that it was too small. Part of this problem is my ego (I like to think I'm smaller than I am) and part of it is that I have gained about twenty pounds recently and I'm working on losing them! So, another one ripped back and started again.
That's it when finished, just without the button eyes for the little owls. Isn't it cute?

Lace Panel Cardigan by Connie Chang Chinchio
I've made this cami and cardigan twin set before in a salmon colored yarn. I loved it so much I decided to make it in more colors. Twin sets make my heart melt.

Ariane by Jean Moss
Another classic style cardigan. I've found this one tricky and I'm starting to worry that it might be, gasp, surprise, too small! So it has been sitting unfinished for a long time.

Cleopatra Wrap by Miriam L. Felton
A shawl. I love the yarn, it was a gift in an old swap and the colors are amazing. I don't wear a lot of shawls and I don't think there's really enough of the yarn, so I'm feeling discouraged about this project, but it really is almost done.

Back-to-School U-Neck Vest by Stefanie Japel
Made this with handspun and I'm running out. I'm worried that the color changes look really weird, but I'll have to finish it (probably using black yarn when I run out of handspun) and then see how it looks.

I think that's it for UFOs (unfinished objects). That's not as many as I thought it was, I feel a bit relieved.

I have a pile of yarn with plans for many more things, of course, and I can hardly resist casting on. I have a queue in Ravelry that has 137 things in it!

I also need to knit my Dad a vest because I have made my brother a sweater, but not made my Dad anything and my Dad actually wears lots of knits. I'll have to do a post later on my feelings about gift knitting.

What has started me on this new knitting kick is that I have been watching Glee and I adore Emma's wardrobe and fashion style. It involves a lot of awesome cardigans and it reminded me that I can make awesome cardigans! I'll do a post another day with some of the wonderful patterns I have found on Ravelry that are perfect for Emma Style.

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