Sunday, October 3, 2010

Emma Pillsbury Style

So I mentioned yesterday that my recent knitting kick started because I am seriously inspired about fashion by a character named Emma Pillsbury on a tv show called Glee.

If you haven't seen her style, check this out: Emma Pillsbury's Style That is a Google image search on her.

She wears ultra feminine clothes in bright colors. She wears pencil skirts and cardigans and lots of bows.

I've always loved clothes from 1940s through early 60s in America. It always looks so feminine and classy to me. Now I have inspiration to channel my fashion longings to.

I dress somewhat this way, but without the frilly part, no bows and not as much color. I have been a bit afraid of my own instinct with color because I've been told that I put things together that shouldn't go together. I worried also that if I wore bows and frills and ruffles that people would think I was too prissy. But I love everything about Emma and how she is and I would not mind being like her!

So, if you are a knitter and also are inspired by Emma, here are some things I've found that we can make to fill our closets (this should keep my busy for a LONG time):

The Tempest Sweater.
The pattern is striped, but I think this would be the perfect base pattern from which to make many bright, solid colored cardigans. I already had this on my queue before I saw Emma and I have yarn to make it in white, but after that I would like to do it in yellow too.


A Stitch In Time, Knitting and Crochet Patterns, 1920-1949 Vol. 1
This book has patterns for a number of blouses with bows in front that look awesome, but it costs $47 at Amazon right now and I don't want to pay that much! Apparently a second volume is coming out soon, too.

This is literally a pattern from 1935 for a two piece suit, but the top part would be plenty for an Emma look, it has a bow and puffed sleeves.

A pattern inspired by Joan Crawford, actress from the 1930s

Another shirt with a small bow

Tie-neck jumper, from a pattern published in 1947. (you'll need to scroll down the page to it)


Classic cardigan by Patons. The pattern is free, but you have to register with Patons to view it. It is a cardigan with a little bow at the neck line.

Beauty and the Beads, a beaded jacket-style cardigan

A cardigan with a lovely texture pattern on the front


Linda by Jean Moss
From the book Contemporary Classics


Harvest blouse by Asami Kawa

And then there's skirts too


Bell Curve by Kira Dulaney from Knitty


Sidewinder by Susan Dittrich on Knitty

Here's a perfect hat:

Bashful by Marlaina Bird aka Marly

Can you tell that I like lists? :)

I will keep adding knits to this post as I find them.


  1. Fabulous list of knits that would be perfect for Emma! Her cardigans always make me want to go knit something too! :)

  2. I love the bright green one and also the pink sweater at #5. Oh, they're all gorgeous. I'm getting inspired. :)