Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Colors and Creativity

I've noticed something odd.

One of the great things about knitting things for yourself is that you are in control of everything about the project. You can lengthen the sleeves of a sweater, or add short rows to make it fit a bust better, and you can decide what color you want.

So why is it that I keep on knitting things in the same color as in the picture that goes with the pattern?

Lace Panel Cardigan
by Connie Chang Chinchio in Sensual Knits

Beauty and the Beads
by Joan McGowan-Michael at www.whiteliesdesigns.com

Beauty and the Beads?

owls by Kate Davies
(This one is just so perfect in gray and I love gray, so I'm not surprised I kept this color)

Ariane by Jean Moss
Again, for this design the color is a part of the overall aesthetic. It had to be navy.

But why the two pink projects? I don't look good in pink, I don't particularly like pink!

I noticed this tendency when I went looking for a project to make with my two skeins of lace weight Malibrigo in a color called "Butter."

After pouring over patterns, I concluded with one that is a lace cardigan in yellow!

I'm starting to think that I'm not as creative as I always assumed. I guess the color that you see something in goes deep into your brain and it can be hard to picture it another way. Thank goodness for Ravelry where I can see all the different versions and colors of a pattern that people have done.


  1. That's so funny about the colors! I guess it's just a natural reaction to want to recreate the same look or something like that. And that owl sweater is adorable! If I knew how to knit, I'd want to make it!

  2. I think it's some subconscious thing that tells me that it should be in that color!

    I know, the owls are SO cute. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to make it!