Thursday, November 4, 2010

What do I wear?

I have been seriously and intensely knitting for ten years now and my favorite projects are sweaters. I am also a product knitter, meaning my motivation for knitting is completely wrapped up in having a finished item and I also don't do much gift knitting.

So you would naturally assume that my closet is packed full of knitted objects.

Which projects were actually a success, though? Which things do I actually wear?

Twin Set by Connie Chang Chinchio
This gets the most wear by far. I love it. So, I'm almost finished making it in green and if I can stand it, I will make it in a few other colors too. I'm not much for reknitting patterns I've already done. Once I've conquered a pattern I'm usually finished with it, but this is so wearable that I made an exception.

Coachella by Fathom Harvill
This is a sexy top that I've just worn a few times, since I don't go out to bars or clubs much. But when I do, this is the top that I reach for.

Slinky Dress based on Hush-hush by Libby Baker
I modified this nightie pattern slightly to make it more flattering to my figure and it turned out great. I wore it on a cruise when this pic was taken and I wore it out for a fancy dinner once. So far that's it. UPDATE: I just wore it to my ten year high school reunion.

Isabella by Jordana Paige
Isabella from
I haven't worn this one in a while. It doesn't fit me as well anymore since I've gained weight, but also it is knit out of alpaca and that turned out to not be a great choice. Alpaca is very warm and this is a sleeveless top, so it's a bit impractical.

Nautical Top by Galina Carroll
Nautical Top
I love this one and I've used the basic bones of the pattern to create another t-shirt. I was thrilled to get to wear it on an actual boat.

Vest based on Leftovers by Alison Hansel
This pattern was designed to use leftover bits of scrap yarn, but I bought new yarn. I used it to recreate a vest I saw in a style book. It's not exactly like that one, but it's close enough to use it in the same way. I wore this one yesterday!

That's it. My queue is packed full of clothes that I want in my wardrobe. How many of those projects will successfully make it in I wonder!

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