Saturday, November 20, 2010


A new year is coming up and I did very, very little knitting in 2010. Looking at my Flickr folder for Finished Knits 2010 is just sad.

The Yarn Harlot is doing a self-imposed sock club, where she put twelve patterns in twelve zip-lock bags with twelve skeins of sock yarn and she picks one each month. I think it's an awesome idea, but I'm not as interesting in knitting different sock patterns.

I'll have to think about how to do something similar with sweaters.

I saw a knitter on Ravelry who made twenty sweaters in a year and she says there are others who have done more. I'd like to set a goal for myself to knit more sweaters in 2011 than I ever have in one year before.

I hope to fill up the Finished Knits 2011 folder on my Flickr page!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Organizing my Plans

First, finish the five projects listed in my UFO Warriors challenge. Nothing else until those are done!

Dad's Vest

Emily's Shrug

Green twin set
Argyle Top

Owls sweater

Next, I recently bought yarn for two projects I'm very excited about:

Issara jacket
smock turtle neck sweater

Home Decor projects:

Map Afghan
Throw pillows

swiffer covers for cleaning

Other projects I have yarn for:

Mentionable tank top
rip out Cleopatra wrap and use the yarn for clapotis

Other UFOs that should get finished:

White cardigan
adrift cardigan with butter yarn
Boat sweater

Things to buy yarn for next:
Intolerable Cruelty (skirt)
Yoga wrap
Beauty and the Beads
Crocheted jewelry

Thought I would add pictures for the things I finished:



Aren't those little owls precious?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

What do I wear?

I have been seriously and intensely knitting for ten years now and my favorite projects are sweaters. I am also a product knitter, meaning my motivation for knitting is completely wrapped up in having a finished item and I also don't do much gift knitting.

So you would naturally assume that my closet is packed full of knitted objects.

Which projects were actually a success, though? Which things do I actually wear?

Twin Set by Connie Chang Chinchio
This gets the most wear by far. I love it. So, I'm almost finished making it in green and if I can stand it, I will make it in a few other colors too. I'm not much for reknitting patterns I've already done. Once I've conquered a pattern I'm usually finished with it, but this is so wearable that I made an exception.

Coachella by Fathom Harvill
This is a sexy top that I've just worn a few times, since I don't go out to bars or clubs much. But when I do, this is the top that I reach for.

Slinky Dress based on Hush-hush by Libby Baker
I modified this nightie pattern slightly to make it more flattering to my figure and it turned out great. I wore it on a cruise when this pic was taken and I wore it out for a fancy dinner once. So far that's it. UPDATE: I just wore it to my ten year high school reunion.

Isabella by Jordana Paige
Isabella from
I haven't worn this one in a while. It doesn't fit me as well anymore since I've gained weight, but also it is knit out of alpaca and that turned out to not be a great choice. Alpaca is very warm and this is a sleeveless top, so it's a bit impractical.

Nautical Top by Galina Carroll
Nautical Top
I love this one and I've used the basic bones of the pattern to create another t-shirt. I was thrilled to get to wear it on an actual boat.

Vest based on Leftovers by Alison Hansel
This pattern was designed to use leftover bits of scrap yarn, but I bought new yarn. I used it to recreate a vest I saw in a style book. It's not exactly like that one, but it's close enough to use it in the same way. I wore this one yesterday!

That's it. My queue is packed full of clothes that I want in my wardrobe. How many of those projects will successfully make it in I wonder!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Knitting Challenges

I can be a pretty competitive person. With knitting, a little competition always helps me to keep things moving.

A few years ago there was a "Summer of Socks" contest through an Australian knitter's blog and I joined that contest. I knit twenty pairs of socks in three months. I didn't mean to, but I left everyone else in the dust! I get so excited to prove my skill and my speed and I don't realize that not everyone is with me. One of the knitting podcasts I listen to, Stash and Burn, does a "Single Skein September" each year, where knitters are challenged to create as many small objects using just one skein of yarn as they can in the month of September. The idea is to use up some of those little balls of yarn that are sitting around not being used. I participated the first year. The same thing happened. I knit, I think it was 17 objects that month. Far, far more than anyone else!

I don't want people to hate me, so I don't sign up for too many contests now, but a fun new one just got started. I'm a member of the South Asian Crafters on Ravelry and they are doing a finishing challenge. You list all your Unfinished Objects and commit to not starting anything new until the contest is over. It goes from Nov. 7 to February. Each time you finish an object, you put up a post about it and the next person to finish an object sends you a little knitting related gift.

I've listed five UFOs to work on. It would be nice to get a bunch of things finished and clear out my workspace for new stuff. I reorganized my entire Ravelry queue yesterday and I'm anxious to start on the new things!